Thursday, July 8, 2010

10 lbs!

I had my preop appointment yesterday with Dr. Mason. I have lost 10 lbs since I started my preop diet!!! That is exciting news since I don't ever remember a time when I have lost 10 lbs in less than 2 weeks :) Because I couldn't remember, I asked what I weighed back in April when I had my first consultation and I was 243. Yesterday at my appt I was 228. Dr. Mason described everything about the surgery to me all the incisions and so forth....

I also had my preop bloodwork, EKG & chest xray...signed all my registration & consent paperwork and eeek...Paid all the money...ugh I think it made my hubby a little sour to put out that much money but he said if it makes me happy and healthy its worth it. He's so sweet.

I recieved my Max protein powder in the mail monday and tried it...not so bad...not as good as regular chocolate milk but it'll do. I tried it with a couple different kinds of milk also...regular 2% milk, Mootopia 2% and also with Silk vanilla soy milk. I think it was the best with the soy. My cousin said that the Almond milk is even better than the soy so I will have to try that out too.

Here is my list of stuff for the hospital:

My blanket & squishy pillow (for comfort)

slippers (I ordered some zebra print ones that match my blanket)

comfy clothes (a sun dress & loose pair of pj's)


chap stick (im told this is a MUST)

wisp toothbrushes



I feel ready but we'll see how the nerves are at 7:00am Monday time is set for 9:30 but we have to be there at 7:45.
I work tomorrow and saturday so that will pass the time more quickly then sunday we are dropping the kiddos off with my parents...then it will be time for bed...I bet I won't sleep very well without my Ambien and being so excited/anxious...I'll let ya'll know how it goes.
Tata for now

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Preop diet

So I decided since I was ready I would start my preop diet two days I started on saturday and today is thursday...I have lost 5lbs! I can't believe its working! I went to the grocery store and got a bunch of stuff I could bring to work and then yesterday went & got some stuff to fix while I am off. I love the mindset I am in right now. I guess since I have been planning for months & I knew the day was coming I was ready! So here is what I have been eating.

I work 12 hr shifts & worked Saturday - Tuesday this week, its a wierd midshift so I sleep until its time to get up & go so I don't really eat breakfast but I have a protein shake...I still haven't found "the one" but I read about this one called Max Protein
on and she swears by it so I ordered a vanilla and chocolate & i'm waiting for it to come in the mail...I can't wait to try it and I hope it is the one!

Lunches: I have been eating a turkey patty or turkey meatballs with a little marinara, with single steamfresh packets of brussel sprouts
same thing for dinners while I was working...I hadn't cheated (which was unusual for me) and was so proud of myself and then somebody at work asked if I wanted to order out from a local sandwich first I said no but then remembered they have "unwiches" all the sandwich fixins minus the bread all wrapped up in lettuce! Yippee sure I will so I ordered my normal minus the bread and it was DELICIOUS! I didn't even miss the bread.

Last night for dinner I taught my step-daughter how to make stirfry...the fam ate it with rice and I had mine solo...didn't miss the rice either! Tonight yummy steaks on the grill with corn on the cob for them and steamed broccoli for me...should be super tastey!

Last night was a huge test! My girls wanted to make chocolate chip cookies & I knew that would totally be too much temptation so hubby helped them mix them up but they needed me to check them to see if they were done....I didn't even take one snitch!!! I am so proud of myself! Its totally God helping me through this because this would have been IMPOSSIBLE without Him!~

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Catch up

So it has been a while since I have posted...I have finally been successful at drinking enough fluid!!! YIPEEEEE! I got these great water bottles from Target that don't leak! I carry them around at work and in my purse and have been drinking water and Crystal light.

I have also found a protein shake that is tolerable for now...Unjury Chocolate shakes are pretty good mixed with Mootopia which gives you like 32g protein I believe in 8 oz. I tried these just shaken in my water bottle and then in the blender and Mootopia does some weird things in the ended up being way too thick! Gross! But in the water bottle it was pretty tastey.

As I have mentioned before I am on the website daily and there is this TERRIFIC blogger (Michelle) who posts much more frequently than I, with much more experience (4 yrs today!!!) , that you have to check out!!! Here is the link and right now she is having an amazing anniversary giveaway for a Cuisinart 1-1/2-Quart Ice-20 Automatic Ice Cream Maker! She has many recipes to use with this great gadget which you can see here:
I love her blog...its actually one of my home tabs :) Check her out!

I officially start my 2 week preop diet a week from tomorrow so I am trying to get all my ducks in a row and make menus for each day so I know ahead of time what I am gonna be eating....It is low carb high protein like I will be eating after my sleeve. I will post it when I have it all made out...I seriously need to use this blog as an accountability tool so I can stay on track!!! I will do this and do it well. I have to succeed at this weight loss for me, my kids and my husband!

Blog at ya soon

Monday, May 10, 2010

Ok so the water thing is not going so well...I am just not a big drinker. I don't think about it and especially when I am at work, I get so busy thats the last thing on my mind to be sippin on some water. Maybe when it will be detrimental to my health not to, I will do better...I hope.

On another note I was so excited today, I found greek yogurt at our local grocery store...let me explain why the excitement...So when I met my husband about 5 yrs ago I was living in a planned community with lots of shops & resturaunts. Everything was very close and convenient. When we got married I moved to his 100+ acres which needless to say was not very close and convenient to anything but trees (which is a wonderful beautiful peaceful place, just not convenient) The closest grocery store is about 15-20 minutes and it SUCKS! It is very expensive and has a terrible selection so when I saw greek yogurt I was so excited!

I had my nutrition education class this past wednesday. It was very educational...although I have done a thourough research on the sleeve so most of what they said was just reassuring me my info was correct, but they have a very well planned out pre op diet & post op diet. I was happy to find out that the two week pre op diet is not more water & shakes. Its actually just a low carb sort of South Beach diet....Very do-able. Anyway not much going on this week, I actually have all week off so I have been working on some long overdue projects. I will continue to increase my water/fluids...

Tata for now


Sunday, May 2, 2010

Trial of the Proteins

So this past week my cousin (who is also going to have surgery) and I tried a bunch of different sample protein drinks I had ordered from and Unjury...Man I have a lot of adjusting to do! Gross...the isopure is clear so I expected a clear taste...ummm it tasted kinda like clear yogurt, very weird...maybe tolerable once I adjust to the taste. Next we tried an Inspire powdered drink called Pom Razz Sangria...I thought this would be wonderful...I am a big fruity flavored person....NOPE that was not what I was looking for either...Inspire Ice Cream that probably would have been kinda good mixed with milk & crushed ice instead of water. The last one we tried was the Believe premixed drink called vanilla creme brule...Yum it kinda tasted like those Starbucks drinks in a bottle...pretty tasty, totally doable.

As far as trying to increase my water this week...not so successful but what I was able to do was drink more iced tea instead of Dr.Pepper which is a step closer to water & I do know that decaf tea counts as liquid too so I suppose I worked toward my goal...I will try harder this week...I still need to increase my fluid intake by quite a bit so this week I will journal everything I drink....

Tata til then


P.S. We did not get to try any of the Unjury products the other day...I will let you know what I think when I do.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Journey Begins

This is my journey through WLS (weight loss surgery). I have chosen to have the VSG (vertical sleeve gastrectomy) procedure. My surgery date is July 12, 2010 and I will be blogging about my thoughts & happenings along the way.
I have been a yo-yo dieter since my first child was born, in 1999. I gained 80lbs with my first pregnancy and only lost about half of that and then gained about 60lbs with my second child and lost about half of that. I am also an ex-smoker (5yrs out Yay me!) but quitting was hell on my eating habits, and I also have a wonderful hubby who happens to love going out to eat which also hasn't helpped my eating habits.
WLS has been in the back of my head for about a year now but when I got on the scale recently & saw it reading 238 lbs I really knew it was time to do something about it. I am a nurse constantly on my feet in a rather busy local ER and my feet have been telling me lately that they are not happy about the almost 240 lbs I expect them to carry around. Another thing that I HATE HATE HATE is that for some reason many (when I say many I mean at least 1-2 every shift) of my patients ask me in assorted ways if I am pregnant....."when are you due", "is it a boy or a girl", "how much longer until that baby comes"...and the most recent and worst by far..."so you have what about a month to go?"????? Are you serious? my response usually "uhh...nope, Im just fat". One time I was so caught off guard & imbarrassed I actually lied & said I just had one...this is getting rediculous!
I have done much research on several of the popular surgery types and have decided on the sleeve as my best option. I joined a website called where there are forums for every type of surgery there is, from all states, canada, mexico... and all kinds of people. Real people not the kinds on tv ads where the the little caption says *RESULTS NOT TYPICAL*...I never understood how they could be advertising something where the results were not likely to occur...strange. So I learned what the surgery was all about, how it was performed the "pre-op diet", the "post-op diet" and how life would change as far as what I put into my mouth for the rest of my life...I was ready~
(April 7th) So off to the surgeon's office I went to see how this all worked & when I could have it done. Because I work in the healthcare profession I have access to what really goes on behind closed doors & who I would like my surgeon to be & who I don't want touching me never mind removing much of my stomach. I have friends at work who have had various surgeries with several of the docs and I chose by their experiences & personal encounters with the docs myself. My first impression of my doctor was just as I had expected from what I had known about him...he came in and hugged me...first thing. He seemed like he sincerely cared about me and the process. Then I went & talked to the coordinator who sets up the other appointments you have to have like the psych eval, ekg, chest xray, nutrition education class and such....and the payment.
I had my psych eval the next week (April 15th) and I was most nervous about that...I dunno was nothing I answered some questions on paper like a little scantron test and then talked to a councelor for a while & that was it...she said she would call me if there were any concerns once she got the test back...I haven't heard from her so I guess im good :) Next step is the nutrition education class on May 5th...I am very excited about that actually. I wish my surgery date was closer but due to work scheduling it ended up being in July...which I guess is ok cuz my B-day is two days after surgery, what a nice present...Im sure I won't be thinking so this year but next year when I am hopefully 100+ lbs lighter I will be super excited!~

My goal this week: Practice drinking more water...I hate water but it needs to be my best friend so I might as well start now.