Monday, May 10, 2010

Ok so the water thing is not going so well...I am just not a big drinker. I don't think about it and especially when I am at work, I get so busy thats the last thing on my mind to be sippin on some water. Maybe when it will be detrimental to my health not to, I will do better...I hope.

On another note I was so excited today, I found greek yogurt at our local grocery store...let me explain why the excitement...So when I met my husband about 5 yrs ago I was living in a planned community with lots of shops & resturaunts. Everything was very close and convenient. When we got married I moved to his 100+ acres which needless to say was not very close and convenient to anything but trees (which is a wonderful beautiful peaceful place, just not convenient) The closest grocery store is about 15-20 minutes and it SUCKS! It is very expensive and has a terrible selection so when I saw greek yogurt I was so excited!

I had my nutrition education class this past wednesday. It was very educational...although I have done a thourough research on the sleeve so most of what they said was just reassuring me my info was correct, but they have a very well planned out pre op diet & post op diet. I was happy to find out that the two week pre op diet is not more water & shakes. Its actually just a low carb sort of South Beach diet....Very do-able. Anyway not much going on this week, I actually have all week off so I have been working on some long overdue projects. I will continue to increase my water/fluids...

Tata for now


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