Thursday, July 1, 2010

Preop diet

So I decided since I was ready I would start my preop diet two days I started on saturday and today is thursday...I have lost 5lbs! I can't believe its working! I went to the grocery store and got a bunch of stuff I could bring to work and then yesterday went & got some stuff to fix while I am off. I love the mindset I am in right now. I guess since I have been planning for months & I knew the day was coming I was ready! So here is what I have been eating.

I work 12 hr shifts & worked Saturday - Tuesday this week, its a wierd midshift so I sleep until its time to get up & go so I don't really eat breakfast but I have a protein shake...I still haven't found "the one" but I read about this one called Max Protein
on and she swears by it so I ordered a vanilla and chocolate & i'm waiting for it to come in the mail...I can't wait to try it and I hope it is the one!

Lunches: I have been eating a turkey patty or turkey meatballs with a little marinara, with single steamfresh packets of brussel sprouts
same thing for dinners while I was working...I hadn't cheated (which was unusual for me) and was so proud of myself and then somebody at work asked if I wanted to order out from a local sandwich first I said no but then remembered they have "unwiches" all the sandwich fixins minus the bread all wrapped up in lettuce! Yippee sure I will so I ordered my normal minus the bread and it was DELICIOUS! I didn't even miss the bread.

Last night for dinner I taught my step-daughter how to make stirfry...the fam ate it with rice and I had mine solo...didn't miss the rice either! Tonight yummy steaks on the grill with corn on the cob for them and steamed broccoli for me...should be super tastey!

Last night was a huge test! My girls wanted to make chocolate chip cookies & I knew that would totally be too much temptation so hubby helped them mix them up but they needed me to check them to see if they were done....I didn't even take one snitch!!! I am so proud of myself! Its totally God helping me through this because this would have been IMPOSSIBLE without Him!~

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